Can we reverse the age of cells to treat chronic diseases of aging?

Michael D. West, Ph.D., CEO of AgeX Therapeutics, discusses how scientists will someday be able to reverse the age of cells and re-introduce them into a human body to treat various diseases of aging. Dr. West uses AIDS patients as an example of a population that could benefit from this approach. He talks about for HIV patients suffer from accelerated aging (a 30-year individual with age can have the immune system of someone who is 100 years of age) and how scientists in the future can conceivably give them a younger, disease free immune system. The real significance of the medical regeneration revolution, Dr. West says, is the impact in can have on the chronic problems of age (which today eats up almost 80% of the country’s health care expenditures). This video is part of a series from AgeX on research into aging and human longevity. For more information on Agex Therapeutics, please visit

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