5G tech fast-tracked to get pushed into our homes by next year

(Natural News) For tech junkies, the arrival of 5G can’t come soon enough — but for all those concerned about environmental and public health, it’s a soon-to-be health disaster looming overhead. As the wireless industry competes to see who can roll out a 5G network the fastest, it seems the days of 5G are coming closer and closer, with the latest estimates suggesting that 5G will be available in homes as soon as 2019 — if it’s not in your area already.

While 5G is credited with speeds ten times faster than current 4G networks, and is expected to usher in a new generation of self-driving cars, concerns about the health risks of 5G are mounting. The next generation of the internet may be lauded for unbridled data access, but health advocates are wary of the budding new technology — and for many good reasons. 5G will unleash substantially higher amounts of electromagnetic radiation, and it will be virtually inescapable. What could go wrong? MORE…

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